YouTube Takes Down Prayer Channel

YouTube Takes Down Prayer Channel

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir.

“I’m going to die tomorrow. I need a miracle,” a woman can be heard saying in this clip, which was uploaded Tuesday. The video had been viewed nearly 200,000 times by Monday.

YouTube said the video was shared to a “small group” of followers who had taken it down. But after multiple requests from New York’s NBC4, an archive was posted to the video’s channel Tuesday afternoon. The clip has since been removed.

The prayer channel, in which people are praying for each other, has been a topic of trending topics, and for good reason. According to the New York Times, a doctor “told me to stop praying, that I was interfering with his work.” Others who follow the channel find it “hilarious” while others “call it dangerous.”

On Twitter, many commenters found it to be inspirational.

“I’m not alone and I’m not frightened. I’m more determined than ever to get through this,” a woman told NBC4.

“My doctor told me to stop praying. I need a miracle. I don’t care what you say. I do not ever want to give up in this fight,” another said.

“I can’t do this alone. I need y’all,” a follower wrote. “Please pray for me. And I need your prayers.”

Meanwhile, many other videos with this hashtag have resurfaced on YouTube. These include another woman praying for her boyfriend who is sick, a woman who wants her dog to live, and a man who has started an online fundraising campaign to raise money for his children’s health.

While YouTube has taken down the channel, many videos still remain on the social media platform. The prayer room, created by the video’s creator Daniel Ingram, still sits, ready to take requests.

“I have nothing. They gave me nothing. I’m broke,” another wrote in an apology for a video that remains on YouTube. “I am deeply sorry.”

However, YouTube has not responded to NBC4’s request for comment.

“We’ve taken down the prayer channel, because we’ve determined there is no longer a safety issue and no longer a legal issue,” YouTube said in a statement. “We’re working with YouTube Safety to address the video, and we’re

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