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Young Money’s Offset Talks to Maryann Karmo About His Cousin

Young Money’s Offset Talks to Maryann Karmo About His Cousin

At Takeoff’s Atlanta memorial, Offset says his cousin ‘changed the culture of music’

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A few days before his death, Atlanta rapper Young Money’s Offset spoke to Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Maryann Karmo about the influence of his cousin, Young Money’s Roc-A-Fella Records founder Damon “Foncy” Wilson.

“I’m very blessed to have a cousin that changed the culture of music for the black community in an effort to uplift the message,” Offset said. “He brought more confidence to the message and he made a better name for himself and his label.

“He was such a huge figure, and he didn’t care who he was. He didn’t care if you accepted him or not,” Offset added. “He lived what he preached. He was the black Michael Jordan and he’d just drop it out on people.”

Offset, who released his debut album, Takeoff, on Nov. 30, had a message for his late cousin.

“I got my brother’s blessing. That really means a lot to me,” he said. “He was a role model to me in everything I did.”

Karmo, for her part, said Offset told her that Wilson, who died of cardiac arrest on Oct. 22, was “more of a father figure to him and a big influence on his life.”

That’s probably an exaggeration—Wilson’s son, the rapper Rick Ross, might dispute Offset’s claim.

It’s true that Offset’s parents, both of whom survived him, raised him and his younger brother, Young Money’s younger brother Nelly, under what

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