Why Donald Trump Will Not Be Around to See His Party in Power

Why Donald Trump Will Not Be Around to See His Party in Power

Editorial: Trump doesn’t want your vote in 2024. Just your obedience while he trashes the U.S. again and again like he trashed Venezuela last summer. No, he wants you to be on the couch voting for Democrats in mid-terms. He is afraid that you may not vote in the mid-terms. Don’t take his word for it. Just watch this video from CNN. It’s all about the GOP’s 2016 loss.

He says he may consider running for President in 2024, but he’s not sure. And why won’t he be around to see his party in power?

There are two reasons why Donald Trump won’t be around to see his party in power or to help it win a historic victory in the fall of 2020. Because he is a tyrant, and because he is an impulsive man with no core convictions of principle.

Trump sees the world as it is. He sees his supporters as morons, just like the ones he blames for his election loss the previous November. He sees his opponents as enemies who are trying to steal his power. He views his party as a bunch of socialists, like his own father, and believes Democrats are too far out of mainstream to win power.

He’s not going to be around to see it happen because it won’t happen.

Why he can’t be president

Trump believes he has a better chance of winning than a Democrat.

As president, Trump has demonstrated a lack of judgment and a lack of knowledge of what the country really wants. He often says things about people he has not met, or never will, that are insulting.

Trump says the media is “fake news.” He’s wrong. The media covers all the news, and has even had access to confidential sources to do things for which they are not supposed to.

Trump says he loves people who are uneducated. He hasn’t learned to read. The media covered everything with an agenda, even when the agenda was to undermine the administration and the entire country.


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