Trump Has No Political Agenda in His Anti-Muslim Rant

Trump Has No Political Agenda in His Anti-Muslim Rant

Letters to the Editor: There was nothing accidental about Trump’s dinner with antisemites

Donald Trump has said that his anti-Muslim tirade last Friday was merely an expression of his “deep-held beliefs and political agenda.”

If he doesn’t mean what he says, then all that is left is to infer that he meant something else, namely that he hates Jews and wants to bring about their downfall. This is not merely an expression of his political agenda; this is a deliberate, malicious and well-planned expression of anti-Jewish hatred.

Anti-Jewish bigotry is a pernicious cancer that has been festering in the American psyche for centuries, and there is no reason for the president of the United States to exempt himself from that cancer by calling his anti-Muslim rant an expression of his views.

The antisemitism of the president needs a serious response. If he really does hate Jews, then he should have acted to make their lives more miserable without offering even the slightest consideration for their feelings.

It is true that there is no political agenda in a Muslim bashing. Trump is just expressing his deeply held beliefs. There is no contradiction.

But the Jews were not the targets of any of this tirade, and Trump is not now, nor has he ever intended, to be a friend to Jews. If he did, he would not have said that he would be a friend to them.

All he has ever said was that he would be “tough on them.”

The reason he said this was that he feared that they might attack him. He may have expressed it this way because he wanted to save his own skin, but he has no grounds for this.

The Jewish people attacked him because he is Jewish. He could have pretended that he did not know that, but he did not.

Had he said that he hates Arabs, or Muslims, or that he “doesn’t respect them,” then he could have been justified in his actions. He went out of his

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