The zebra is one of the world’s most threatened species

The zebra is one of the world’s most threatened species

2% of the world’s rarest zebras wiped out in Kenya’s relentless drought

The last few days of June have seen the world’s rarest of all species, the zebra, face their biggest day of misery of their lives. The country they call home, Kenya, has been devastated by years of drought and now experts say that at least 1,000 zebra have died this year. But they are not alone, as a group of rare birds were also wiped out – only for their life to be saved by a group of volunteers.

“These animals are like our children, we have to take care of them,” said a volunteer, who wanted to remain anonymous.

“We have a saying in our family, we will not eat your fish unless you get to eat it first. They are the first and the last victims in Kenya,” he said.

The zebra is one of the world’s most threatened species, and for the last few years they have been coming under increasing pressure from the devastating drought. They are classified as vulnerable and the world is aware of the problems they face as an individual species.

“I wish we were not as threatened as we are. I know if we had more people protecting the land, they would be saved and we would have no problem. But sometimes people don’t want to protect the land,” said the volunteer.

The only hope to have any protection of the zebra as a species lies in the hands of those who follow the water for it is in short supply and the animals can survive only on the grasses found on the water’s edge.

But a group of volunteers are doing just that. This week they found a way of saving the animals by cutting a ditch that had been dug for them when they were caught in one of the droughts. It is hoped that by doing this they will gain a place in the hearts of the world and in the hearts of the people, and they will be given a voice.

Some people are concerned about the impact of doing this, especially those who use the water for their animals. A group of

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