The story of a Santa Cruz restaurateur who wants to sell his restaurant

The story of a Santa Cruz restaurateur who wants to sell his restaurant

Why Dine at the RH Restaurant, From the Brand Formerly Called Restoration Hardware?

I want to clarify something that may have been confusing. This post is not about the Restoration Hardware. I’ve written about it before.

This post is about a RH Restaurant in Santa Cruz and the restaurant’s owner, who claims to be a descendant in family of the founder of the restaurant.

And this post – like the previous ones – was written by the owner of the business, who wants to sell it. The restaurant – “Restoration Hardware” – has shuttered, but he decided to make a go at this after a week.

He’s selling on a short-term lease and the restaurant will remain open as a restaurant and bar.

So – if you want to stay out of jail time – you need to call the cops. That’s a pretty strong incentive to buy at this point.

You can read my previous post here.

My name is Matthew Stanger. I’m writing this at the request of a restaurateur. He asked me to write about the owner of the restaurant, the “Restoration Hardware”, who says the restaurant is owned by his own family. As a descendant of the man who founded Restoration Hardware in Santa Cruz in 1971, his story is fascinating.

The story began back in 1999 when the restaurant was called “Restoration Hardware”. By 2005, the restaurant began to sell its name and brand to a new company. The new company used the name “Restoration Hardware” until 2008 when the restaurant changed its name to the current “Restoration Hardware”.

My friend Michael Bierling, a restaurant critic who lives in Santa Cruz, is the managing editor of Gourmet Central and our first post in his restaurant blog, the “Vedelco Blog” is about Restoration Hardware Restaurant in Santa Cruz. He wrote this great piece at the end.


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