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The Rescue of Boi

The Rescue of Boi

Brazil police rescue dog becomes internet sensation

It all started in August 2016 when officers from Brazil’s Civil Police saved a dog in a traffic accident. Two people had been in an accident with another car. The driver of the second car pulled an emergency brake. When the two cars were stopped, the police officer who was helping the first victim noticed a dog being thrown out of the window of one of the other cars. After the first car had been towed away, the dog, meanwhile, fell out onto the road. The officer grabbed her and ran back to help the woman driver. When he caught up with her, he saw that she was hurt. The police officer tried to take the dog with him to her assistance, but they couldn’t find a strong enough leash. So, with the help of six officers from the force, they set out on a long walk to find a strong and secure leash. In the end, they found a strong and secure leash in a construction site, brought to the first victim’s home and then gave the dog to the police. In December 2016, the internet started to take notice of the dog, a Pomeranian named Boi. Boi, unfortunately, wasn’t the kind of Pomeranian you would expect to be on the news. She didn’t have the look of a police officer or a firefighter, and she wasn’t even the famous celebrity dog Boi is now.

This is the story at its core. Brazil’s news media covered Boi’s rescue for a few days but stopped after a few days. Later it emerged that it was, after all, news and Boi was just a victim of social media. Boi became an internet sensation after her rescue and was featured on almost every news site in Brazil. However, while Boi became a global internet sensation, her owner, José Roberto Dominguez, was arrested for his role in the rescue. He now faces a criminal charge for violating a law that forbids the illegal smuggling

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