The Jets’ O-Line: Who’s the Right Guy?

The Jets’ O-Line: Who’s the Right Guy?

For the Jets, There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Sauce (Gardner)

For the Jets, There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Sauce

January 1, 2013

By John O’Boyle

The Jets are a team with a lot of heart and not even the most ardent Jets fan can deny that. In one of the most uncharacteristic turnarounds in NFL history, they’ve brought back a fan base by sheer dint of being more than a little sentimental, which is all the more remarkable after they lost two head coaches in the past three years. But the heart of their organization is beating through these early days of 2013; and so, it’s a little surprising the most important factor the Jets have in their history-altering playoff run looks to be more about making sure the players, at least, know what’s at stake than the head coach.

For the Jets’ coaches, it’s no secret that this team will go all the way with whichever guy they decide to bring back. But what the players are going to determine is what kind of team they’ll build.

For the fans, the big question is, “Who’s the right guy?”

John O’Boyle: I think they’ve got their man. The Jets are getting it done on defense—although they’re going to have to tighten up some things on the passing game to give Ryan Fitzpatrick more time—if not on offense; because I believe he’s still got time to turn around the O-line. If you’ve watched this team for a few weeks, you will note that there’s almost a never-ending supply of questions about the offensive line. They’re supposed to have one of the best at this time of the year, but they’ve been inconsistent all season. So, there’s no pressure. Everyone knows this team can get to the Super Bowl, so it’s about making sure that when they do make a run at a title, they’re making it a playoff run that they

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