Simona Halep: The Changing Face of Women’s Tennis

Simona Halep: The Changing Face of Women's Tennis

Simona Halep’s former coach says ‘no chance’ the two-time grand slam champion knowingly took banned substance

Updated: Mar 02, 2017

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The most recent scandal involving the Romanian tennis superstar Simona Halep was the topic of conversation before, during and after the women’s tennis finals in Madrid.

While her past has long been in the spotlight, her recent past has brought her new fans and the spotlight. She has always been a strong female athlete, a leader in some areas and a victim in others. She became a symbol of the female tennis star who is able to overcome personal and familial issues. It was her success that brought her more into the spotlight and not her failure. Not all the controversies surrounding her have been negative. Many of the controversies have been for the betterment of sport and the good of the sport itself.

Halep and her family were a part of the headlines during the 2016 WTA Tour Championships. The controversy in the grand slam of tennis is no longer a story, because Halep’s presence at that event is not a part of the sport any more. However, when it comes to her previous achievements, she is still in the news for some reason and will never get out of it.

Since her return to the tour, she has taken a while for the players to adapt to her new game style and new ways of playing her game, especially with the help of former coach Marian Vajda.

When Halep started in WTA competition, women’s tennis had a few different types of rules. While the men’s game was just a few years old at that time, women’s tennis had been around for centuries. So, while the men’s game was very strict and a lot of it relied on brute force, women’s tennis was very creative and very technical. Women’s tennis players used finesse to dominate the men

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