San Francisco Hospital System Monitors Patients With a Fever, Dry Cough and a Respiratory Infection

San Francisco Hospital System Monitors Patients With a Fever, Dry Cough and a Respiratory Infection

‘Three threats at once’: California urges caution amid spread of RSV, COVID, flu

SAN FRANCISCO — California health officials say more people infected with the novel coronavirus COVID-19 are coming down with flu-like symptoms.

The state Department of Public Health issued a statement Wednesday stating that it is monitoring a cluster of patients with a respiratory infection and fever at four hospitals in San Francisco that may have been COVID-19 positive.

The department urges caution when it comes to the spread of influenza-like illness or COVID-19 because of cross-contamination.

In a press release from the San Francisco hospital system, the following patients have tested positive for COVID-19:

One in three residents of the Bay Area have been infected with the novel coronavirus, health officials say.

The state health departments, including the Department of Public Health, are tracking a cluster of patients at four hospitals in San Francisco with a fever, dry cough and a respiratory infection.

One of the patients had recently traveled to China, according to the San Francisco public health department.

Health officials say five to eight more patients are being monitored for flu-like symptoms that could be COVID-19. All of the patients are undergoing monitoring, including one in the intensive care unit.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, coughing, a dry cough, shortness of breath, and shortness of breath, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, the symptoms seem to vary from person to person.

Health officials are cautioning people with existing respiratory conditions or who have underlying health issues to seek medical attention before developing severe symptoms from COVID-19.

California Department of Public Health press release:

A number of U.S. states have now issued stay at home orders as their states grapple with the rapid spread of the coronavirus over the last few months.

Some states have already gone further than what the CDC mandates, with several states saying that residents can remain in their homes only where it is “absolutely necessary” for reasons of safety.


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