Patti LuPone Says She’s Leaveing the United States Congress

Patti LuPone Says She’s Leaveing the United States Congress

Patti LuPone resigned from union, says ‘she won’t be on stage for a very long time’

Patti LuPone made no apologies for her decision to leave the U.S. labor federation, telling the Associated Press she was “not surprised” by her decision and insisted she would be “tremendously successful” with her new show.

“I am happy that I have spoken for myself today and for my family, and I am just glad that my career is completely over now,” LuPone said.

In a lengthy statement, the musician, who’s performing under the name Patti LaBelle, said she had grown “tremendously” from her tenure with the United States Congress.

“I have been inspired, and humbled, and excited, and driven by the challenges I have faced,” LuPone said. “I’ve learned to deal with stress, and to always come back stronger.”

The Grammy-nominated singer also expressed appreciation for her colleagues at the House Democratic Caucus, writing, “I am proud to be part of a caucus and a family who have always been there for one another, no matter what.”

For the second time in a week, LuPone says she is leaving the United States Congress. On Sunday, she revealed that she will be performing with the rock band the Verve for the first time since her announcement last November that she was leaving the House in favor of her career as an actress.

LuPone told AP that she had been asked to perform at a New Year’s Eve concert celebrating rock’s 60th anniversary. She said she would be appearing with the Verve, but that she was “totally unaware” of the plans until she received an email on Wednesday informing her that she was going to be performing with them.

“Thank you so much for your emails and all of the support. I will be a regular presence with you again in 2018,” LuPone wrote in her statement.

LuPone called the invitation to perform a “trem

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