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Jordan Peele Will Produce Podcasts for Black Mirror

Jordan Peele Will Produce Podcasts for Black Mirror

Why horror-film maestro Jordan Peele is entering the scripted podcast realm.

It seems like just yesterday that a podcasting world existed only as the domain of podcasters like podcaster-entrepreneur Jeff Giles, podcaster-turned-headliner Chris Hardwick, and podcaster-turned-podcast pioneer Tye Diggs. What the world of podcasting has been missing for most of the past few years is an industry-leader who can offer the experience of a host and a platform for other podcasters to grow with, and then have an actual show that comes with a built-in audience.

To help remedy that, and give an audience a chance to hear from their idols, comedian and podcast host Jordan Peele announced today that he will be producing podcasts for Black Mirror. Each podcast, dubbed “Rasmussen,” will be a self-contained half-hour episode focused on Peele’s own experiences. Each podcast will cover personal and comedic stories that Peele is not only passionate about but also has a deep understanding of how people connect through media and what inspires them to think and act in new ways. The first episode should be out next week, according to a press release.

“Black Mirror is about ideas, and the ones that really work. Ideas should be told in their raw form, and that is exactly what these podcasts will be,” said Peele, who will be writing the scripts himself. “What I want people to be able to relate to and feel like they can be a part of is the stories.”

As of now, there are no plans for Black Mirror’s hosts to participate in the podcast. But that will change soon, as Peele is taking the initiative in order to help out his friends and colleagues in the podcasting world who may be working in a somewhat similar boat as him.

“People who work in the podcasting industry have no idea how hard it is to get a show on their own, and the resources that those people have to promote themselves and their shows,” said Peele. “I am excited to share what I know with those listeners. I want to ensure their success as well.

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