Herschel Walker is a Republican who’s a Democrat

Herschel Walker is a Republican who’s a Democrat

Should Trump Help Herschel Walker? Georgia Republicans Are Leery.

For years, Herschel Walker has tried to figure out “how the hell did my career end up being such a complete disaster?”

To hear Walker tell it, he was on the perfect track. He was a star football player at a small Georgia university. He could have gone far. He was the son of a former NFL quarterback who was now a Georgia state senator.

But his mother’s marriage fell apart and his father’s health declined. He was offered many jobs but turned them all down. So he went to law school and then to private practice. He worked as a private investigator in his later years and served as an aide to a state lawmaker until his father’s death in 2013.

He was “the kind of guy you want to do anything he could do to help,” said Walker, sitting in the lobby of a Southlake apartment complex in suburban Dallas Monday afternoon, dressed in his favorite, green corduroy shirt, khakis and cowboy boots.

Then Trump got elected president and Walker quickly realized he was “an idiot” who could barely make it through a press conference. A few days later, his world imploded.

Walker is now at risk of being tossed out of a Senate office he’s been a part of for decades. He’s also at risk of losing his home and his health coverage.

And he’s now stuck in a position he never wanted in the first place.

Walker was supposed to be the man in Texas who would take the lead in pushing Donald Trump’s agenda through Congress. He had worked with Trump for years. But now he’s helping him — and it’s not exactly a popular decision.

“I’m a little conflicted, to be honest,” Walker said.

Walker’s dilemma started a few days earlier when Trump’s team sent him a memo — not an actual letter — saying the president needed to be notified of “any upcoming changes to the Office of Government Ethics” in order to continue to

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