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Chris Knows Best Will Take a Break From Touring

Chris Knows Best Will Take a Break From Touring

Todd, Julie Chrisley’s ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ show will air final episodes next year after prison sentencing in the child sex charges against the pop star, her manager and one of the show’s producers, according to reports.

Pete Wentz, Chris’ manager, released this statement to E! News: “This is another chapter in the Chrisley Knows Best story. At times, even she has been overwhelmed by this nightmare and the damage it has caused.

“In light of the situation, Chris has decided to take a break from touring, focusing on her family, rehab and music and will resume in the summer of 2017, when she will tour with her new band.

“She hopes that fans who have been following her journey will understand her decision, and know that she is still very much in love with them. Chris will continue to do what she needs to do for her and her family. We will continue to monitor the situation.”

Wentz and Chris have been married since January 2000.

It was revealed last season that Chris was going through drug and alcohol rehab, a condition that prompted the network to cancel her “Chrisley Knows Best” show.

According to E! News, Wentz said: “Chris loves and supports Pete, and that’s why she’ll work with him. We made a deal and she’s sticking to it. I feel like she’s the only one that knows the truth about Pete. It’s not like she’s holding anything back anymore. And I appreciate that.

“She is more than willing to work out any of this and make sure she’s on the straightest path to recovery. I’ve seen her change in the past year. She’s becoming more responsible, more accountable and more focused. I’ve seen her lose weight and gain weight, gain a lot of hair and lose a lot of hair.

“I’m not saying she’s done everything, but I’m saying that her recovery has been swift and she’s doing a heck of a job. Being with us is her life and right now, it’s her only life

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