Bill Maher: Hillary Clinton is the woman of my generation

Bill Maher: Hillary Clinton is the woman of my generation

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The following is the third segment of an interview with Bill Maher from Sunday morning’s episode of The View on October 25, 2015, in which he asks the women on that show whether they think that Donald Trump will one day be president. (Listen to the first segment here [Part 1 is here [Part 2 is here] on his show, and the second segment here [Part 3 is here] on his wife’s show in 2015.)

Maher: Hillary Clinton is your choice for president, right?

Julianna Margulies (Sandra Oh): I am the Hillary of my generation. She’s a genius, she’s a fighter and she’s a woman, she really is the person.

Maher: OK, good. So let me ask you about Jeb Bush. You and I have talked about how we’re not sure why he’s decided to run. You wonder if he knows about that and thinks it’s more of a longshot than a real possibility. But Jeb, he’s the last man standing that had the courage of his convictions. And if we don’t get to see that, if we see something that gives us a reason to say, “I wish that he would just go away, or run, or whatever,” you know, then we’re doomed again, and you know what’s going to happen in a Republican primary. They’re going to try to destroy Jeb.

Margulies: The last three people to be in office who have been so successful that they had a record of being a disaster — it’s like with Donald Trump to some degree — they’ve all been men that you know, you thought they were going to be good presidents when they ran. And Donald Trump, you know, you thought he was going to be a really amazing president. And I’ve been on the same side as a lot of people would have been on, you know, I didn’t feel it was realistic, it wasn’t going to happen. And all of a sudden, the guy became the biggest celebrity in the world.

Maher: I’m not going to stand up here and say that it is a landslide. That’s

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