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Afghanistan Women’s National Team to play Australia in a friendly on August 29

Afghanistan Women's National Team to play Australia in a friendly on August 29

How Afghanistan women’s football teammade it to Australia.

The Afghan Women’s National Team is set to play their first match against Australia in a friendly on August 29 in Sydney. The Afghanistan National Olympic Committee has been working with the Afghan government to help increase security for both teams and their fans.

If the women’s football team was given a chance, it’s also a chance for the young people in Afghanistan to express themselves and express their love for the sport through football. What started out as a hobby was growing towards what was seen as a means of spreading the culture of Afghanistan.

The women’s committee wanted to ensure that Afghanistan has football on its world map and that the sport is recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee.

The women’s national team was created by the Afghan government at a time when the country was still ruled by warlords and when sports was a taboo subject for the people. It took many years to gain the support of the people.

Before the women’s team could officially train, it needed more support in Afghanistan. The committee made a big push to get the support of people and the government. After many years of trying, the Afghan government agreed to sponsor the women’s team.

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